John Lucas, Patriot (circa 1755-1830)

John Lucas Grave Marker
Silas Lucas Cemetery Lucama, Wilson County, NC
John Lucas (circa 1755-1830) was a Patriot of North Carolina. He is listed on the Dobbs County Voters List of 1779. He applied for a land grant in 1779 that was granted by Governor Alexander Martin in 1782. The land grant of 200 acres was located in Dobbs County but was registered in Wayne County in 1782. Wayne County was formed from Dobbs County in 1779.

John Lucas has been accepted as a Patriot by the Sons of the American Revolution. National Number 151584.
Daniel Lucas (circa 1775-1849)
John Lucas may have had several children. We know that one son was Daniel Lucas who was born circa 1775 and died 1849 in Wayne County, North Carolina. Daniel Lucas accumulated several hundred acres of land along side the land his father, John, owned. These lands were along the present Powell Hooks Road of Cross Roads Township in present Wilson County. The northern part of Wayne County became Wilson County in 1855. There exist several deeds of Wayne County showing Daniel Lucas was active in land transfers. Daniel Lucas had 14 children - 5 girls and 9 boys. These children settled throughout Wilson County.
Silas Lucas, Sr. (1819-1893)

Silas Lucas, Sr.
One of the more prominent sons was Silas Lucas, Sr. (1819-1893). Silas Lucas settled in Cross Roads Township or what later became known as Lucama - incorporated 1885 in Wilson County. Silas Lucas had 10 children. Several of these children became ministers. Rev. E. T. Lucas (1856-1929) and Rev. P. T. Lucas. Rev. P. T. Lucas (1854-1912)founded the Lucama Free Will Baptist Church and the Land was provided by another son, Larry Lucas (1849-1932). Today this is one of the largest churches of Wilson County. John Henry Lucas (1844-1915), another son, provided land for the Lucama Methodist Church.

Larry Lucas

Rev. P.T. Lucas
M. D. Lucas (1884-1909)
The son of Rev. P. T. Lucas. He died at an early age from Typhoid Fever.
Charles Clement Lucas, Sr. (1908-1989)
The son of M. D. Lucas and Sallie Bass, daughter of Nathan Bass, who started the Lucama Kenly Bank. C. C.

Lucas Sr. farmed several farms in Wilson County.
Other Lucas Notables
Silas Lucas, Jr. (1852-1916) who was one of the first entrepreneurs of Wilson County and made the well known Lucas brick.

Silas Rowe Lucas (1897-1962) was the Solicitor of Wilson County. Other members of the Lucas family have gone into medicine, engineering, banking, and practically all known professions.
The family and related families now numbers 9000 members and extends from Hawaii to New York, Crete and Panama.

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