James Tooke
The origin of the Toke (Tooke) family originated with Le Sire de Toque who was with William the Conqueror (1027-1087) at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.
  1. Robert de Toke first of this lineage was with King Henry III (1207-1272) in 1264 at the Battle of Northampton.
  2. Unknown Son
  3. Unknown Son
  4. Toke, de Toke of Westcliffe, County Kent, England, was the great grandson of Robert de Toke.
  5. Unknown Son
  6. Unknown Son
  7. John Toke of Bere, Westcliffe, County Kent, England married 1) Elizabeth, daughter of ____ Mallmains, married 2) Ann. (during reign of Edward III, 1312-1377.)
  8. John Toke of Bere, Westcliffe, County Kent, England married Joyce, daughter of Sir Thomas Hoo, and had three sons: Thomas, Ralph, and John. The line of Thomas inherited Godington Park.
  9. Ralph Toke, Dover, County Kent, England married Jane, daughter and coheir of Roger Hawte of County Kent.
  10. Walter Toke of Dover, County Kent, England married Mary daughter of ____ Stanhope
  11. Ralph Toke, Godington, County Kent, England married Alice daughter of William Meggs.
  12. William (Toke) Tooke, Popes, County Hertford, England born 1508 died 04 December 1588 married Alice, born 1512, daughter of Robert Barley of Bibbesworth, County Hertford, England. William and Alice are buried in the church at Essenden, County Hertford, England.
  13. William Tooke, Hertford Town, County Hertford, England, died 12 February 1610/11 married Mary, died 29 August 1623, daughter of Nicholas Tichborne, of Roydon, County Essex, England. William and Mary are buried in the church at Essenden, County Hertford, England.
  14. James Tooke, Esquire, Auditor of the Court, of County Hertford, and St. Albans, London, England, born 29 July 1583, died 21 November 1655 married Dorothy Gray, born 1584, died 28 November 1655 daughter of John Gray of London, England. James and Dorothy are buried in the church at Essenden, County Hertford, England.
  15. James Tooke, born ca. 1601 Hertfordshire, England. died before02 February 1662/3 in Virginia. He arrived in Virginia 1621 on the George and his expenses were defrayed by William Spencer upon the ships carpenter. In 1630 his uncle Christopher Tooke of London in his will left him L50. In 1634 he leased 500 acres on the east side of Lawnes Creek. By 11 November 1640 he had acquired 900 acres in Isle of Wight County, Virginia on the head of one of the branches of the Blackwater near Thomas Pritehartís cartway. He was a member of the Virginia House of Burgess 1639/40, and in 1646. In 1646-1649, he was Justice of Isle of Wight County. His wife is unknown. He had three known children:
    1. Thomas Tooke who married Mary
    2. Dorothy Tooke who married John Harvey, later Colonial Governor of North Carolina
    3. William Tooke who married Jane (Joan)
James Tooke is a qualifying ancestor for the Jamestowne Society, His ancestry extends to Charlemagne, the Magna Charta Barons, and the Plantagenet Kings.
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