George Williams
George Williams, the tailor, left Bristol, England on 04 September 1656 for Virginia. He was indentured to Thomas Bridgman of Bristol for four years. Shortly after the arrival of George in Jamestowne he married a daughter of Daniel Boucher. Daniel Boucher served in the House of Burgess in Jamestowne in 1653. Daniel Boucher married Elizabeth Vasser, daughter of John Vasser, Senior who was in Jamestowne prior to 1635.

George Williams, the tailor and the daughter Boucher had several children:
  • The eldest son was William, born 1657. He died before 1700.
  • The second son was George Jr., born 1657. He had several land grants in Northhampton and Bertie Counties, North Carolina. George Jr. married Sarah and they had a son - Robert Williams - born about 1710. George Jr. died about 1748 in Northhampton County, North Carolina.
Robert Willian Sr. (born circa 1710)
Robert moved to Dobbs County, North Carolina where he served in the 1771-1774 Militia and was listed on the tax roles. Robert Williams had several land grants in Dobbs County, North Carolina. These were located in what is now Greene County. Robert Williams, Sr. subsequently moved with his son Robert Williams, Jr. to Duplin County, North Carolina.
Robert Willian Jr. (born circa 1745)
Robert Williams, Jr. was born about 1745 and had several land grants in Duplin County. He served in the Duplin County Militia during the Revolutionary War and has been awarded a number by the Sons of the American Revolution. He married Mary Harper, daughter of Lieutenant Francis Harper, who served in the Johnston County Militia, and who has been awarded a number by the Daughters of the American Revolution.
Blaney Williams (born 1787)
Blaney Williams, son of Robert Williams, Jr. and Mary Harper was born 1787 in Duplin County. He married Mary Jane Draughon, descendant of James Draughon who was a Revolutionary War Hero and who has been given a number by the Daughters of the American Revolution. Blaney Williams left an estate with several thousand acres of land.
George Robert Williams (born 1838)
George Robert Williams, son of Blaney Williams and Mary Jane Draughon was born 1838 in Sampson County, North Carolina. George Robert Williams served in the Civil War. He married Sarah Jane Williams, daughter of John Carouth Williams, who was the grandson of the famed Captain John "She" Williams of Sampson County who served in the Revolutionary War.

John Carouth Williams married Sarah Jane Butler, a descendant of Charles Butler, who served in the Wilmington Militia and who has been awarded a number by the Daughters of the American Revolution.

George Robert Williams and Sarah Jane Williams had several children:
  • Isabel
  • Lillie
  • Mary Jane
  • Sally Pearl
    and one son...
  • John Blaney Williams
John Blaney Williams (1878-1945)

John B. Williams

Effie E. Britt
John Blaney Williams (1878-1945) was born in the Newton Grove section of Sampson County and subsequently moved to Clinton where he became an outstanding civic leader and county political leader.

He married Effie Elizabeth Britt (1880-1954) who was from Newton Grove. They had nine children, several of whom still reside in Clinton. These children are active in the civic affairs of Sampson County.
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